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Re: Problems installing on ARM710

In message <20010211175702.A16817@atterer.net>
          Richard Atterer <deb-arm@list.atterer.net> wrote:

> After the failure, I also attempted to continue by installing
> everything manually. Formatting the partitions and unzipping
> base2_2.tgz worked OK, but e.g. "apt-get update" or the "gzip"
> contained in base2_2 also segfaults. Maybe someone would be willing to
> mail me a version of, say, gzip compiled with debugging support, and
> other tools to pinpoint the segfault? (What other programs do you
> actually need?)

Bear in mind, and as you may know from my instructions, that "apt-get
install" (and some other apt-get instructions) in default install seg
fault - not the update command, however.

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