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compiler broken

Ok, so I was trying to build something on my Netwinder that needed pieces not
already installed, so I freshened it to latest sid.  In the process, I seem to
have broken my ability to compile anything at all.  The failure is always a
signal 11 in cpp, the simplest test case I've found is 'cpp -v' which produces
the following output:

  $ cpp -v
  Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.3/specs
  gcc version 2.95.3 20010125 (prerelease)
   /usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.3/cpp0 -lang-c -v -Dunix -D__arm__ -Dlinux -D__ELF__ -D__unix__ -D__arm__ -D__linux__ -D__ELF__ -D__unix -D__linux -Asystem(unix) -Asystem(posix) -Acpu(arm) -Amachine(arm) -D__CHAR_UNSIGNED__ -D__ARM_ARCH_3__ -D__APCS_32__ -
  cpp: Internal compiler error: program cpp0 got fatal signal 11

I really don't think this is a hardware problem... which is what signal 11
usually implies on i386?

Relevant package versions:

	$ dpkg --list | grep 2.95
	ii  cpp            2.95.3-5       The GNU C preprocessor.
	ii  cpp-2.95       2.95.3-4       The GNU C preprocessor.
	ii  gcc            2.95.3-5       The GNU C compiler.
	ii  gcc-2.95       2.95.3-4       The GNU C compiler.
	ii  libstdc++2.10  2.95.2-13.1    The GNU stdc++ library
	ii  libstdc++2.10- 2.95.3-4       The GNU stdc++ library

Any clues? 


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