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Re: compiler broken

>>>>> "Bdale" == Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

    Bdale> Ok, so I was trying to build something on my Netwinder that
    Bdale> needed pieces not already installed, so I freshened it to
    Bdale> latest sid.  In the process, I seem to have broken my
    Bdale> ability to compile anything at all.  The failure is always
    Bdale> a signal 11 in cpp, the simplest test case I've found is
    Bdale> 'cpp -v' which produces the following output:

That happened to me also (plus lots of other bad things) after I did
my last dselect update.  Most importantly for me, BIND would not work.
(I have now switched around the functions of my machines at home for
this reason).

Seems that libc6-2.2.1-1_arm.deb is the culprit.

I tried downgrading to 2.1.3, but broke the system in an even worse
way.  (ls, tar, rm, etc. would not work..)  I've just recovered from
that.  I exported /, mounted it from my PC, and unarchived files from
'libc6-2.2.1-1_arm.deb' again manually.

Does anyone have a copy of libc-2.2_??_arm.deb around still?  That
seems to the only version of 'libc' that works right now (unless you
reinstall from a potato image).


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