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Re: Building openssh

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Greetings,
> I just tried to build openssh, but it died with "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find
> -ldb".  So I looked in sid/Contents-arm.gz, which showed /usr/lib/libdb.so in
> libdb2-dev.  But when I installed libdb2-dev, no /usr/lib/libdb.so!

My mistake: I have woody installed, not sid, and libdb.so is not in
woody/Contents-arm.gz .  Oh wait, but libdb2-dev in sid/main/binary-arm/Packages
says the file is in dists/woody/... so it should be the same, right?  And yet
dselect and apt are telling me the available version is

Something's confused here.  I'm going to wget and dpkg -i for now, but it's odd
that the woody Contents and Packages conflict, and even odder that dselect is
agreeing with Contents.  I'd say "maybe it'll be fixed in tomorrow's update of
my mirror", but it seems the new libdb2 has been in woody since before pools!

[I'm using all of the files on the same mirror, lyre.mit.edu, which updates
every morning around 5 AM.]


-Adam P.

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