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Re: Install debian 2.2 potatoe on netwinder

You should do a `dmesg' and look for "eth1" and "tulip" and see what 
it turns up.  I don't have a machine that shows this problem, but perhaps
the tulip driver is a module and you need to "modprobe tulip".

Also possible, you have an old netwinder with a poorly flashed tulip MAC
address and it is refusing to use it.  You will fix that with
`insmod tulip_upgd.o'.  It looks like you can get a tulip_upgd.o
from ftp://ftp.netwinder.org/users/w/woody/tulip_upgd.o

Hopefully you can use eth0 to get that.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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