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Re: New NetWinder install process?

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Marko Dinic wrote:

> .../disks-arm/current/doc/ , but it all seems to be standardized for
> Debian and not specific to ARM as the previous doc's were. It just seems
> that READ_OR_PARISH.NetWinder (Thanks Jim Studt!) was so much simpler
> before.

Okay; I think this counts as a bug -- properly integrating ARM
documentation into boot-floppies is certainly on the cards, but as
to an extent it depends on the organisation of www.armlinux.org it
hasn't happened yet.  Also, the next revision (debian-installer)
will probably have completely-rewritten documentation; this makes me
a little wary of sinking too much time into the current installer.


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