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Re: Full Linux tree on Chaltech CATS?

>I need the full Linux tree.

You can get a tarball from ftp.armlinux.org:/pub/lkab.  You need the 2.4 tree.

>I have the Debian ARM 2.2rev2 CD, but can't seem to boot from
>I would appreciate any input from anyone that has used the Chaltech
>system, especially regarding booting.  I've e-mailed Chaltech, but haven't
>heard back from them.

Booting the CATS is a little tricky at the moment.  The latest (0.6) firmware 
can apparently boot from CD-ROM, but it doesn't directly understand Linux 
kernels.  You have to tack a small piece of code onto the front of the image.  
Aside from that there are no major issues.  I don't know offhand if the potato 
CDs are supposed to be bootable or not.


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