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Re: Full Linux tree on Chaltech CATS?

On Thu 11 Jan, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >I need the full Linux tree.

> You can get a tarball from ftp.armlinux.org:/pub/lkab.  You need the 2.4 tree.

> >I have the Debian ARM 2.2rev2 CD, but can't seem to boot from
> >it.

> >I would appreciate any input from anyone that has used the Chaltech
> >system, especially regarding booting.  I've e-mailed Chaltech, but haven't
> >heard back from them.

> Booting the CATS is a little tricky at the moment.  The latest (0.6)
> firmware  can apparently boot from CD-ROM, but it doesn't directly
> understand Linux  kernels.  You have to tack a small piece of code onto the
> front of the image.   Aside from that there are no major issues.  I don't
> know offhand if the potato  CDs are supposed to be bootable or not.

Potato ARM CDs are not bootable as at the time of last fettling there were no
ARM machines capable of booting from a CD. You might well need different CD
boot code for different systems which may cause probs in future, but if there
is some code for making it work on CATS boxes now I can put it in the
Boot-floppies CVS (next time Ido an update) if someone sends me it....

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