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Re: Install process...

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Wookey wrote:
> On Wed 13 Dec, Jonathan D. Amery wrote: 
> >  Right - I'm sitting here installing arm debian atm, and I'm going to type
> > bugs into here as I find them (any that seem to be package rather than
> > arch I'll report normally).
> OK. It's useful to get some feedback (but see below re newer versions)
> >  drivers.tgz and images-1.44 need to be renamed 'drivers.tg*' and
> > 'images-1.4*' to work.
> >From this I assume you are installing on a Risc-PC using Peter Naull's
> boot-floppies - you don't say. The above is true for the version of Boot
> floppies Peter produced a couple of months back and put on Russell's ARM
> Linux site. If you use the new ones I've just done this ceases to be true.
> (currently only available on Aleph One CDs, but I'll be putting up some
> images on ARMLinux.org and sending a big patch in to the bootfloppies list as
> soon as I get a moment spare).

 *must remember not to mail people when I'm half asleep from doing Debian
installs... :)*

 I'm installing using the boot floppies on the site - using my RedHat
instillation as a source harddisk and the three uk debian mirrors as
apt-get sources.

> >  debconf depends on perl-5.005 and suggests libterm-readline-gnu-perl,
> >  libterm-readline-gnu-perl depends on perl-5.004
> >  perl-5.004 conflicts with perl-5.005
> Is this in the Debian 2.2r2 current main archive or do you have an older
> copy/CD? Doesn't sound arch-specific. It works OK on the CDs I just did
> (2.2r0+various bits).

 This is in the current uk-mirrors arm archive.  It is not true in the
current sparc archive (which I checked with my other recent debian
> Aleph One Ltd, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 9BA, UK  Tel (00 44) 1223 811679

 Hmm - that's not that far away :).

 (I'm Chesterton (arguably)).

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