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Re: Install process...

On Wed 13 Dec, Jonathan D. Amery wrote:

>  Right - I'm sitting here installing arm debian atm, and I'm going to type
> bugs into here as I find them (any that seem to be package rather than
> arch I'll report normally).

OK. It's useful to get some feedback (but see below re newer versions)

>  drivers.tgz and images-1.44 need to be renamed 'drivers.tg*' and
> 'images-1.4*' to work.

>From this I assume you are installing on a Risc-PC using Peter Naull's
boot-floppies - you don't say. The above is true for the version of Boot
floppies Peter produced a couple of months back and put on Russell's ARM
Linux site. If you use the new ones I've just done this ceases to be true.
(currently only available on Aleph One CDs, but I'll be putting up some
images on ARMLinux.org and sending a big patch in to the bootfloppies list as
soon as I get a moment spare).

>  debconf depends on perl-5.005 and suggests libterm-readline-gnu-perl,
>  libterm-readline-gnu-perl depends on perl-5.004
>  perl-5.004 conflicts with perl-5.005

Is this in the Debian 2.2r2 current main archive or do you have an older
copy/CD? Doesn't sound arch-specific. It works OK on the CDs I just did
(2.2r0+various bits).

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