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Debian on nfs-root and RPC: rpciod waiting on sync task


I'm not sure if this message really fits this list, since it's probably
not really arm-specific. Anyhow, I'm running a NetWinder with potato from
somewhere around early february this year (I haven't been able to upgrade
the system.) The whole system is running on an nfs-root mounted from a
ordinary pc running "Universal NFS Server 2.2beta47". With kernel
2.2.15-rmk1 it runs almost fine. It hangs sometimes on intensive file
operations whith "RPC: rpciod waiting on sync task" as the last
message on the console. Although this message appears frequently it
doesn't hang at the first time it shows, but I guess the hang has
something to do with it.

I few days ago I fetched kernel 2.4.0-rmk6 but using it on the netwinder
is inpossible since booting and system startup succeds but always when I
try starting to use it I get the same error message as above and the
system hangs. 

I have compiled the kernel with the green LED blinking to show that the
system is alive and it continues to blink when the system hangs. The
system even responds to ping on the network, but it is inpossible to do
anything that requires loading any information over nfs.

// M
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