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switched to strongARM and 160 Mb and Debian 2.2 doesn't boot anymore. Why ?


I have debian 2.2 running for a few weeks on my RISC PC 700, with an ARM 7
and 64 Mb (+2 Mb VRAM). This worked rather well (did some recompiling and

Yesterday I recieved my memoryupgrade and StrongARM and I installed it. The
memory went up from 64 (2x32Mb) to 160 (128 + 32Mb) and I put the StrongARM
in. But when I tried to reboot, debian hang at the 'Starting INIT 2.78' line.
Could someone please tell me why ? Is there something which I can do to make
it work again ? It should work on StrongARM, doesn't it ? Or is it a memory
problem ?

I am running the kernel which is included in the distribution (the 2.2.13,
which worked on the ARM 7).

Thanks in advance,

Angelo Melis @ home
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