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Re: configure level change on arm to build PIC until glibc-2.2?

> This made me wonder if it might be a good idea to make a configure level
> change on arm.  This change would have arm targets build position
> by default unless otherwise specified.  And last until we have either a
> patched glibc-2.1 or glibc-2.2.   Mabey something as simple as a compiler
> switch -fnopic?  I havn't spent much time thinking about how to make the
> change, more the why.  So there are likely better implementations.

This has been considered before, and rejected.   It is not a bad idea, but
for the most part, ARM code is used in embedded systems and this is a poor
choice for that type of work.  It also does things behind the programmers
back, it is better to let them deal with the correct build procedure IMHO.

> 2)  It will likely be a while until we are running on glibc-2.2.

I'll see about getting a fix into 2.1.3 and 2.1.2 RPM's when I get back to
work.  It looks like an update is required now anyway to fix an security
advisory on ld-linux.so from Caldera.

> 3)  I'm not aware of any problems that will be caused by having all
> (and hence libraries) made position independent.

Poorer code generated for static executables; useless register loads.
Results in a performance penalty, larger code size.


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