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Re: 2nd RiscOS install kit, a little better maybe

In message <200004030500.AAA27013@core.federated.com>, Jim Studt writes:
>2) The first install image was a 'Image' with embedded root.  Its large
>   size caused problems.  Being an 'Image' instead of a 'vmlinux' may
>   also have been a problem. (fake aout instead of real elf)

I don't think the RISC OS loaders understand ELF.  `zImage' is probably the 
preferred format, and actually I don't think there's any good reason not to 
use that on all machines.

>   Make Bootable from Harddrive
>     (Dummy step on netwinder)
>     (RiscOS people will have to tell me what to do)

I think there's some drama to do with a tool called "loadmap" involved at this 
stage.  But I'm no RISC OS expert.


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