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Re: Audio?

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:
> > ...has a floating point emulator, but it is way too slow to get real-time
> > performance. Nicolas Pitre rewrote splay to use fixed point math. Get his
> > version at:
> >   ftp://ftp.netwinder.org/users/n/nico/splay-0.81-fixpoint.tgz
> > I've been able to play mp3 files with ~20% CPU load on a Netwinder.
> We should package this... maybe as "splay-nofp"?  Having a working mp3 player
> in the archive for the Netwinder would be worth the effort.  I'd volunteer,
> but I don't have time today.

My approach when porting a floating point-intensive audio application
was to make a autoconf test in configure.in to check whether to use
floating point or fixed point calculations.  The test timed floating
point versus fixed point operations.  If the fixed point operations were
at least twice as fast, they're selected.

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