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Re: Memory, ... (power consumption)

Adam Powell wrote...
> Third, just out of curiosity, after reading about how little power the
> Crusoe uses (1W for the 700 MHz version, somewhat less for 400 MHz!),
> I'm wondering how it compares to the ARM?  Between that and Intel using
> Celerons for their Linux web appliances, is this CPU going down?

The 200MHz SA110 (like netwinder) burn about 1 watt.  Way back in May
1999 Intel issued a press release mapping out the next generation
StrongARM at 600MHz and < 0.5watts.  Sampling first half 2000.  Looks
like StrongARM is about half the cost of Crusoe.

I had heard noise about HP licensing ARM for a high speed version,
but thats been quiet too long.
I suspect there is room for Crusoe and ARM.  You sure wouldn't want to
run an IA32 emulator on ARM, but if you are running native the choice
will depend on cost, power dissipation, and performance.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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