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Re: Memory, IDE performance, idle speculation, THANKS!

>Funny thing is, I compiled 2.3.35-rmk1 with
>CONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=128M root=/dev/hda3 ide0=autotune ide1=autotune"
>so it should see all 128M, right?

Try passing that command line from NeTTrom instead.  I'm not sure the 
Netwinder kernel takes any notice of CONFIG_CMDLINE.

>Second, using hdparm -t /dev/hda in RedHat gives 4.07 MB/sec, in Debian
>2.2.13 1.59 MB/sec (!), in Debian 2.3.35-rmk1 2.63 MB/sec.  Is this
>real?  Any ideas on how we might get Debian kernel 2.2/2.3 up to the
>RedHat kernel 2.0 level of IDE performance?

See above. :-)
Also you could try playing with hdparm to make sure that DMA, readahead, 
32-bit transfers, &c. are enabled.


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