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Oops. I killed ramea.debian.org (a.k.a. debian.rebel.com)


I finally got some time to attempt to install the autobuilder on the
machine Rebel.com setup for us -- and I got it mostly working.  :-)

Unfortunately, last night I tried to install a large batch of new
packages, and the machine stopped responding.  I can't even ping it
now.  :-(

Could you take a look at it, and see what's up?  I had problems with
setserial in the past - maybe that froze it?  Or something else?  I
should have been a bit more careful installing new packages remotely.

The ARM port has been going a bit slowly over the last few months, but
it shows signs of picking up again in the new year.  I'm going to try
again to get that press release for you (once I get the autobuilder


 - Jim

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