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Re: What about ARM?

Jim sent this to me, I'm sure he intended it to go to debian-arm...


>Bdale wrote:
> I personally believe that if every package of priority standard or higher in
> main is up to date (less those not relevant to the architecture, of course), 
> then we can/should release.

Here's how we stand on the Bdale release metric (BRM):
 (these numbers are for after I push up my spool directory)

     22 required:out-of-date
      5 required:uncompiled

     10 important:out-of-date
      3 important:uncompiled

     23 standard:out-of-date
     14 standard:uncompiled

    430 optional:out-of-date
    800 optional:uncompiled

     92 extra:out-of-date
    174 extra:uncompiled

Many of the uncompileds are not relevant (old compatibility libs).  
Some of them are going to be rough (e.g. gdb)

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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