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Re: Web page - help please

I'd be happy to take over the page maintenance as I would prefer to run
something other than RH on my 'Winder.

Besides, since I haven't DONE the install, I could test the instructions
at the same time. And that way I wouldn't send you notes because the page
is out of date. :)

I have nearly unlimited storage on several machines.

On 6 Apr 1999, Jim Pick wrote:

> I've transplanted myself to California for a one month contract at
> Pacific HiTech (working on TurboLinux), and I find that I'm falling
> behind on all my free stuff...
> The www.debian.org/ports/arm/ pages on the website need to be updated.
> I was going to redesign those pages after we had a proper installation
> image ready - but that's been a little slow in coming.  In the
> meantime, it would be nice to have some updated installation
> instructions for the newest image on there.
> Would anybody volunteer to take over those web pages?  I'd greatly
> appreciate it.  It would probably only take an hour or two.  That way,
> in my spare time, I can concentrate on updating the gnome stuff, and
> getting it merged into unstable - which is currently a higher priority
> for me.

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