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Re: Web page - help please

Deirdre Saoirse <deirdre@deirdre.net> writes:

> I'd be happy to take over the page maintenance as I would prefer to run
> something other than RH on my 'Winder.
> Besides, since I haven't DONE the install, I could test the instructions
> at the same time. And that way I wouldn't send you notes because the page
> is out of date. :)
> I have nearly unlimited storage on several machines.


You'll need to figure out how to get access to the CVS repository
where the Debian website pages are kept.  Maybe try sending a message
to webmaster@debian.org, to see if they can set you up an account.
There is also a "debian-www@lists.debian.org" mailing list that all
the people contributing to the website are supposed to be signed up


 - Jim

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