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Web page - help please


I've transplanted myself to California for a one month contract at
Pacific HiTech (working on TurboLinux), and I find that I'm falling
behind on all my free stuff...

The www.debian.org/ports/arm/ pages on the website need to be updated.

I was going to redesign those pages after we had a proper installation
image ready - but that's been a little slow in coming.  In the
meantime, it would be nice to have some updated installation
instructions for the newest image on there.

Would anybody volunteer to take over those web pages?  I'd greatly
appreciate it.  It would probably only take an hour or two.  That way,
in my spare time, I can concentrate on updating the gnome stuff, and
getting it merged into unstable - which is currently a higher priority
for me.


 - Jim

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