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Re: Signal 11 with gcc?

Tor Slettnes <tor@slett.net> writes:

> A few months I had problems with 'signal 11' occuring all the time;
> not a single time could I get 'gcc' to compile any program at all.
> Still, I sometimes receive either signal 11 or signal 4 during large
> compilation jobs, such as the kernel or a large Debian package.

I get those too.  I've had glibc builds die for no reason in the
middle of the build.  It's not very frequent however.  I suspect it's
just a random kernel instability.

The last kernel I put out was the 2.0.35 that was put together by
Andy Coulthurst <andyc@svarog.demon.co.uk>.  

There is a new 2.0.35 kernel from Pat Beirne <patb@corelcomputer.com>
(in his directory on netwinder.org) that we should switch to now.


 - Jim

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