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Made modutils_2.1.107_arm.deb

Subject says it all.

Well, almost.

I am still waiting for a verification call from the Debian
new-maintainer people, and thus cannot upload to the main
distribution.  This package and some other useful stuff can
however be downloaded from my own Netwinder:


This package contains an ELF version of insmod.  Because
'/lib/modules/misc/fpem.o' cannot be loaded using this insmod,
and because the Debian image does not boot without fpem.o,
the following two steps *must* be taken before installing
that modutils package, otherwise you will not be able to boot:

   - Rename your existing '/sbin/insmod' to '/sbin/insmod.aout':
          mv /sbin/insmod /sbin/insmod.aout

   - Edit line 10 of /etc/init.d/rcS from:
          insmod -f /lib/modules/misc/fpem.o license=0
          insmod.aout -f /lib/modules/misc/fpem.o license=0


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