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Re: [drepper@cygnus.com] glibc-2.0.97

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:

> With luck I managed to get all the ARM fixes in.  2.0.97 should work out of 
> the box without versioning.  Jim can hopefully give us the latest on what 
> happens if you do try to use versioning but in any case this looks like a 
> binutils problem rather than a glibc one.
	I rebuilt glibc (2.0.94 ?) using your latest changes to binutils
	but I got the same problem with versioning enabled I was getting
	before (I can build an executable, but it crashes when launched)

	I will try the new glibc too.

	Also, I couldn't find the latest sources for binutils (version
	xxxx.14 ? ) so I applied your changes to xxxx.11). Can you tell
	me one more time where to get them ? ( then I promise, I'll save
	your message :)

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