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[drepper@cygnus.com] glibc-2.0.97

With luck I managed to get all the ARM fixes in.  2.0.97 should work out of 
the box without versioning.  Jim can hopefully give us the latest on what 
happens if you do try to use versioning but in any case this looks like a 
binutils problem rather than a glibc one.

I'd be interested to hear reports of both success and failure.  There will 
still most likely be some problems with floating point because I have a couple 
of outstanding patches there but everything else should be OK.


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I've uploaded to


sources and diffs (relative to 2.0.96) for glibc 2.0.97.  Not much
changed since 2.0.96, only a few dozend bug fixes and header file
improvements.  The biggest change is that db-1.85 is built and

Please test it and let me know either way.


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