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Re: FPU avoidance idea

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

   Here's the offending code in glibc:
	 __setfpucw (__fpu_control);

	that's what kills us.

   How's this for an idea - what if we could cook up a little binary that
   will do an LD_PRELOAD of the __setfpucw to something harmless?  It
   could then be used to insmod the FP emulator, or call any other
   command.  Is that possible?

I think that you should probably discuss this with Ulrich Drepper
before doing it.  There was a long discussion about this very issue
(setting the fpu control word at every program startup) on the
linux-kernel list a number of months ago, and I don't remember exactly
what the conclusion came to be.

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