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Re: [Dan Jacobowitz <drow@false.org>] PERL: patch for glibc 2.1

> We do have complete use of 'gandalf' at Alan DeKok's (courtesty of
> Corel).

  I'm willing to loan it to the Debian effort, and I don't think Corel
will mind.

> Maybe we could even get him to put it on the outside of his firewall,
> and we could call it 'netwinder.debian.org' and set up accounts for
> all the Debian developers?

  Sure, if you can get me another IP address on my ADSL connection.

  Hmm... let me talk to one of the syadmins at a local ISP.  He may be
willing to host power + bandwidth, provided they at least have a
'hosted by ISP' blurb on the netwinder.debian.org web page.

  That would solve many problems.  It would still be in town, it would
have decent connectivity, etc.

  Any comments?  If there's no objection, I'll get it set up this

  Alan DeKok.

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