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Re: [Dan Jacobowitz <drow@false.org>] PERL: patch for glibc 2.1

Alan DeKok <aland@striker.ottawa.on.ca> writes:

> > Maybe we could even get him to put it on the outside of his firewall,
> > and we could call it 'netwinder.debian.org' and set up accounts for
> > all the Debian developers?
>   Sure, if you can get me another IP address on my ADSL connection.

Sure thing.  I can IP tunnel one of my IP addresses over to you!  It
would be a few more hops on the 'net, but I doubt anyone would notice.

You'd have to install the other end of the tunnel on your firewall.
I've got notes on how to do it somewhere around here.
>   Hmm... let me talk to one of the syadmins at a local ISP.  He may be
> willing to host power + bandwidth, provided they at least have a
> 'hosted by ISP' blurb on the netwinder.debian.org web page.
>   That would solve many problems.  It would still be in town, it would
> have decent connectivity, etc.

We could do that as well...

Although you might prefer the IP tunnel option, because then you could
keep the machine at your place.
>   Any comments?  If there's no objection, I'll get it set up this
> week.

That would be great.


 - Jim

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