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Re: It boots!

David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> writes:

> Yeah.. this is great:-)  Did you have to boot it with NFS or that
> stuff?  This should be wonderful to have running pure Debian:->

Nope.  Nettrom can boot off of any partition - even the flash.
(actually, I don't think Nettrom 2.0.1 can handle NFS booting with the
old a.out kernel which we have)

My /dev/hda4 is pure Debian - with the exception of bash and that
persistent libstdc++ that we snarfed from the Corel image.  (There is
a Debian libstdc++ as part of the egcs package, but I think there may
be some bugs that need to be worked out first).


 - Jim

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