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Bug#843206: Enabling gdbm

On Saturday, 5 November 2016 18:04:35 CET Hans van Kranenburg wrote:
> > We support Berkley DB (AuthDBMType db) in apr-util. Are there any
> > advantages of gdbm over db?
> Heh. I interpret this question as a suggestive one, suggesting there are
> none.

I really did not know. Thanks for the research.

> Ok... I'm still interested in your view about the advantages of
> preventing users from using gdbm by not providing it as a choice, but
> besides that, I think I'm going to do see about switching to db instead
> of gdbm. It's especially the clumsy copy behaviour that I'd be happy
> about to eliminate.

I think gdbm support was removed at a time where apr-util did not support 
loading the drivers dynamically only when configured. And always having two db 
libs loaded for any apr-util using process would be bloat.

Since apr-util now compiles db drivers as separate .so, I don't think that 
there is any reason not to compile gdbm support. I will add it in the next 


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