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Bug#843206: Enabling gdbm

Package: libaprutil1
Version: 1.5.4-2
Severity: wishlist

Hi apr-util maintainer,

I would ask you to consider enabling gdbm support in apr-util so that
users can use mod_authn_dbm in apache with AuthDBMType GDBM

Because of performance problems with the size of a htpasswd file, we
switched to using a gdbm file as it's the easiest performance upgrade
available, with a big reward.

Building the gdbm so was removed in 2006. Here's the commit, there's no
explanation why at all in the commit, so that info is lost, or maybe
Tollef Fog Heen will be reading this and remembering it.


When adding libgdbm-dev to the Build-Depends and changing --without-gdbm
into --with-gdbm, the package will include

By the way, it works like a charm. It's O(1) lookups instead of O(N) and
it saves a lot of cpu cycles otherwise spend parsing lines of text.


Hans van Kranenburg

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