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Re: apache2 wheezy backport

Hi Matt,

Am Samstag, 21. September 2013, 13:48:35 schrieb Matt Taggart:
> Could you provide a backport of jessie apache2 to wheezy-backports?

That would be a rather large piece of work. It would be incompatible 
with basically all apache modules and web-app packages in wheezy, so 
those would need backporting, too. Considering that there is still 
plenty of work to do in jessie, I don't think a backport will happen 
anytime soon.

> I would like some of the newer SSL features.

If you are only looking for ECC/ECDHE, you could try this patch
http://people.apache.org/~sf/ECC-2.2-v2.diff on the wheezy package. I 
think we may include it in a future wheezy point release, but I would 
like it to be aproved for upstream 2.2.x, first.

> Someone pointed out this HOWTO
>   https://tinyurl.com/nl8965g
> that is recommending people frankenstein their systems by installing
> jessie libc6 in order to install jessie apache2 on wheezy. I think
> a backport would be a much cleaner way of solving that.

Updating to jessie seems like the only sane solution right now.


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