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Re: packaging Rivet

On Saturday 18 September 2010, Massimo Manghi wrote:
> thank you for the answer. I think the package I built is already
> 80% baked. I based my work on the scripts David Welton made when
> he packaged Rivet 0.5 for Debian Apache 1.3, before he quit his
> committment with Debian. So my doubts are about how to fulfill the
> requirements of a Debian Apache Policy, how configuration files
> are automatically linked from etc/apache2/mod-enabled to
> mod-available and how to reload the configuration into the server.
> I expected to find postinst or postrm scripts for this purpose in
> other debian apache packages but I didn't find any. Perhaps I
> didn't search hard enough, but I thought that it was a chance to
> have general directions.

There is no Debian Apache policy. But in answer to your questions, I 
have put some hints on the Debian wiki:


Feel free to correct errors and/or ask for clarifications.

> So I formally ask for a sponsor here, while I look for directions
> on how to upload to mentors.debian.net.

Using mentors.debian.net is not strictly necessary if you have some 
other web space where you can make the module available so that 
potential sponsors can download it.

BTW, use lintian on your package to check for some common mistakes.


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