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packaging Rivet


I need help to properly package Rivet, an Apache module for scripting web
pages with the Tcl language (tcl.apache.org/rivet). I'm not a Debian
maintainer (I've been using Debian for long time now, as my first installation
was 'buzz' dated 1996) but I'm a maintainer and developer of the
Rivet project.

I'm interested to see Rivet back into Debian like it was years ago and I
prepared a .deb package that clearly needs to be revised and cleaned up.

My questions are:

1) is this list the right audience to seek help for refining and amending the
scripts needed by deb-buildpackage for an apache related project?

2) what is the proper procedure to look for a sponsor of the package? I'm
ready to provide for support for Rivet in the future, but I'd like to
cooperate with official maintainers in the goal to have Rivet back into Debian.


-- Massimo Manghi 

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