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apache2 "Segmentation fault"

I know that there are already a few bugs filed against
apache2 version 2.2.3-2 in Debian testing for a
segmentation fault. I read in a bug report that the
problem was fixed in apache2 version 2.2.3-3 but had
not been posted to the ftp server yet. I downloaded
all the packages that I had installed for apache2 this
morning to see if I could get my apache server back up
and running. Below is a list of my installed apache
packages. Even with this version of apache installed,
the apache server is still seg faulting at start up
with no additional modules configured to start up. Is
there another package that needs to be upgraded to fix
this issue?


$ dpkg -l | grep apache2
ii  apache2                            2.2.3-3        
      Next generation, scalable, extendable web se
rc  apache2-common                     2.0.55-4.1     
      next generation, scalable, extendable web se
ii  apache2-doc                        2.2.3-3        
      documentation for apache2
ii  apache2-mpm-prefork                2.2.3-3        
      Traditional model for Apache HTTPD 2.1
ii  apache2-utils                      2.2.3-3        
      utility programs for webservers
ii  apache2.2-common                   2.2.3-3        
      Next generation, scalable, extendable web se

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