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Re: What is the reason of using apache2.conf instead of httpd.conf?

On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 04:23:47PM +0100, Lengyel Róbert wrote:
> I don't know why was it necessary to change the configuration
> file from httpd.conf to apache2.conf in the apache2 debian package.
> It annoys me very much. I wonder if there is a reason behind this. 
> Does anyone know it?

httpd.conf is supported as well.  The idea was that apache2.conf would
be a tiny, minimal file that users never needed to change, while
httpd.conf would remain for user customisations.  This is because people
would often customise some of the more ridiculous settings in
httpd.conf, and then get annoyed when dpkg prompted them to ask what to
do about it when it changed upstream.  At least, speaking as the guy who
made this change, that was my motivation.

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