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Bug#294257: plattform specific preprocessor symbols in dev package

Package: apache2-threaded-dev
Version: 2.0.52-3

The include file


has the symbol definition


This is not always true. In the specific case of using the
apache-threaded-dev package
to fulfill the prerequisites for the Mono source package mod_mono, the
name clash with the same symbol coming out of the mod_mono configure check
caused a subtle bug that resulted in quite a bit of frustration for
pontential users
of Mono ASP support, see


This kind of  name clash is neither unlikely (autoconf feature checks
probably get
copied more than any other kind of code frament, causing exactly this kind
of  name
clash) nor easy to detect (compilation will not be aborted).

The development package is a binary package that is targeted to "all"
platforms. It
should not contain globally visible symbol definitions with platform
specific semantics.

I suggest removing configure generated include files from the development

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