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Discussing Lingerd's security history

Hello there.

I'm the maintainer of an unofficial Debian package named

Lingerd is a patch for apache that enables a better handling of dynamic
pages serving.

The package works fine and a couple of users reported me that they 
use it on production servers.

There is a discussion curently about including this package in the
official Debian archive, but before I ask for such an upload to the
debian-apache team, I'd like to discuss here the security issues about

Do you know any security problem related to the lingerd patch? Do you
think that proving such a flavour for Apache 1.3 would be safe?

Your comments are appreciated, that would let me know if I can ask for
an upload to the archive without putting a "trojan" inside Debian ;)

1 : http://www.sukria.net/packages/apache-lingerd/

PS: Please CC me to the reply, or reply to debian-apache.

                                  Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>

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