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Bug#291856: acknowledged by developer (Bug#291856: fixed in apache2 2.0.53-1)

Olaf van der Spek said:
> Did you also remove the duplicate ErrorLog?
>> The same applies to ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.log
>> but that should be in the default vhost.

No, because I don't view it as a duplicate, per se.  The ErrorLog in the
main config could be seen as the "main error log", while the one in the
default vhost will pick up errors from the vhost itself.  While we, by
default, set these to be the same file, one could easily change them to be
different (in which case, some things would go to the first, like
segfaults and start/stop messages, and others to the second, like 404s and
such), or if we removed the main one, they could disable the one in the
vhost (leading them to have no error log at all).

So, I don't see this half of the bug as a bug at all.

... Adam

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