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Re: Debconf, DPKG, Postinst fails with apacheconfig being interactive.

Mark Eichin said:
> I concluded that the only way to handle this was to write the postinst
> in perl instead, because that gives much better control than appears
> likely with sh.


I mean, what were you trying to do in your postinst that you couldn't do
in sh?  I'm just curious, not unsubtly suggesting you're hopeless at
shell scripting.  ;)

> However, for the twiki package I also cheated and forced the answers
> (and comment to the user that they should do it themselves if they
> want to) because I couldn't find (1) any "high level" documentation
> [no, I shouldn't have to grok the internal debconf protocol - I want
> documented abstractions] (2) an example that wasn't arcane (though I
> suppose any config that takes this path will inherently be arcane :-)

Did you try talking to Joey?  =)

Not being facetious.  Really.  I'd imagine that if you'd discussed your
requirements with him, and he was able to help you produce the result
you wanted, then you'd have a wonderful example for the next person who
wanted it.  That's generally how examples come about, right?  Unless the
documentation writer has loads and loads of free time ...


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