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Re: Debconf, DPKG, Postinst fails with apacheconfig being interactive.

James Bromberger said:
> Hey all,
> I have bug 149815 open against my package. I am using DebConf on my
> questions, and apacheconfig --force-modules to do the standard config
> magic.
> However, recently somethign has changed, and now when apacheconfig is
> prompting for "Do you want to save these changes?", and "Do you want
> to restart?", it can no longer read from STDIN. I can echo stuff to
> the STDIN by finding the correct file descripter for the correct
> process in /proc, but I dont really see that as a solution. ;)

Which package versions (dpkg/apache/debconf/libapache-mod-backhand)?  I
assume this is still not-working in unstable?  (The bug report seems to
be against woody.)  I haven't seen debconf stop working for other
packages, but then I'm not aware of any debconf-using packages (that I
have installed on any of my systems) that try to talk to scripts that
also want direct user input.

> Does anyone know what has changed with DebConf or dpkg that would
> cause this? What can people recommend as a solution?

Wrt debconf I'd guess Joey is the best person to ask, seeing as none of
us wrote it ...  =)

Without having read the contents of the debconf-doc package, I'd guess
that debconf requires any scripts that get called behind the scenes to
not make use of std{in,out,err}.  The debconf frontend might be a setup
where stdin can't be handled - eg the web interface.

This may not be the reason, but seeing as apacheconfig is asking a
question you should ask this question using debconf and pass the answer
along to the apacheconfig script with 

[ -x /usr/sbin/apacheconfig ] && echo $RET | /usr/sbin/apacheconfig --force-modules'

Of course this isn't really ideal because debconf doesn't know ahead of
hand what the changes are that apacheconfig wants to make, so the user
can't make an informed decision.  Maybe you should just pipe 'yes' to
apacheconfig instead ...


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