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Re: Debconf, DPKG, Postinst fails with apacheconfig being interactive.

> Without having read the contents of the debconf-doc package, I'd guess
> that debconf requires any scripts that get called behind the scenes to
> not make use of std{in,out,err}.  ...

Yes.  However, even if you db_stop, it doesn't help -- it just makes
the debconf engine stop listening, it doesn't actually reconnect

> Of course this isn't really ideal because debconf doesn't know ahead of
> hand what the changes are that apacheconfig wants to make, so the user
> can't make an informed decision.  Maybe you should just pipe 'yes' to
> apacheconfig instead ...

And the question *isn't* a config question - it's a "this time"
question -- ie. do you want to restart now, or do you want to wait
until your nightly restart/planned restart etc.

I concluded that the only way to handle this was to write the postinst
in perl instead, because that gives much better control than appears
likely with sh.  However, for the twiki package I also cheated and
forced the answers (and comment to the user that they should do it
themselves if they want to) because I couldn't find (1) any "high
level" documentation [no, I shouldn't have to grok the internal
debconf protocol - I want documented abstractions] (2) an example that
wasn't arcane (though I suppose any config that takes this path will
inherently be arcane :-)

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