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Re: Open bugs

On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 04:56:49AM +0000, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> #111216: This should get fixed.  Probably quite straight forward --
> make mod_bandwidth use a suitable directory underneath /var instead.

/usr/share/doc/apache-common/README.mod_bandwidth sez: "no documentation 
available". The web site for the modeule at http://www.cohprog.com/ 
seems to not show me anything with mozille 0.9.8.  Anyways, 
sure, how about using /var/state/apache/mod-bandwidth?

> #132062: Should be straightforward for a perl hacker
   [ apacheconfig doesnt handle httpd.conf as a directory ]

Hmm. apacheconfig in apache-common 1.3.23-1 seems to have from line 907:
    if (-d $file) {
        # We have a directory, per apache docs this means that all files in
        # this directory and below are to be parsed as configuration files.
        foreach (`find $file -type f -print`) {
            chomp $_;
            $config .= read_config($_);

Does this not deal with the case where $file is a directory already?
> #132296: Wontfix?  The whole logfile permissions fight probably needs
> to happen again.

Different permissions for different situations. I think the more secure 
the better. If there are log files that are being dumped into user 
directories, and they are not readable by default, could not the system 
administrator have a cron script to set this as needed, or even chgrp
or chown it?

I think it would be dangerous to start easing access restrictions.
I agree with Wontfix, unless anyone has another suggestion.

> #132472: Yeah, probably should just change the permissions.
> Any objections?

Seems sane to me. Its broke now, if the report is correct. Go ahead.

> If anyone wants to tackle any other bug in apache, please feel free :-)

1.3.24 still not there yet.  Discussion on httpd-new seems to have 
died off recently. I think the Solaris mutex problem is serious 
(the main reason for 1.3.24 being discussed 2 weeks after 1.3.23, IIRC), 
but nothing seems to have appeared yet in w.a.o/dist/httpd/. Were there 
some fixes that were being waited on from upstream? I thought I saw a 
message on d-apache in the last two seeks indicating this?



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