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Open bugs

I'd like to thank Carl Johnstone <carl.johnstone@gmgrd.co.uk> for
his help triaging bugs and everyone else who's been sending patches,
suggestions and fixes these last couple of months.  As aj said, the
release is likely to happen RSN so if there are any bugs in apache we
_can't_ live with for woody, they need to get resolved in the next week.

In case anyone's motivated to work on Apache during this weekend's Bug
Squashing Party, here's my current thoughts.  Unfortunately, I am away
this weekend so will not be around to provide my thoughts on proposed

#131104: pending.  Was supposed to be in the 1.3.23-1 release, omitted

#128148: I'd really like someone to provide better fixes than the current
ones.  As you can see in the Changelog, I've fixed part of this bug, but
I don't want to live with the other parts during woody's lifespan.

#111216: This should get fixed.  Probably quite straight forward --
make mod_bandwidth use a suitable directory underneath /var instead.

#132062: Should be straightforward for a perl hacker

#132296: Wontfix?  The whole logfile permissions fight probably needs
to happen again.

#132472: Yeah, probably should just change the permissions.
Any objections?

#133612: I'll just integrate this patch, probably.

If anyone wants to tackle any other bug in apache, please feel free :-)

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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