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Re: apacheconfig patch review requested

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 11:51:41PM -0500, Steve Stock wrote:
> I've fixed up the patch by including an inode lookup to prevent loops
> and a simple conversion to absolute filenames using the already existing
> $SERVER_ROOT variable.  The updated patch is attached to #105820, I'm
> also including it here (is this normally done or is it common practice
> to just refer to the bug entry?)

Hey, this is a new list, we get to make the rules :-)  If you send the
patch here, everyone who's interested gets to see it.  If you send it to
the BTS, it's sure not to get lost.  So I think sending to both places is
perfectly acceptable.  And I'm the only person who gets to see it twice,
so my opinion counts :-)

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