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Debian Sponsor Elects New Director

Software in the Public Interest, the sponsor of Debian, has elected Ian
Jackson (the next Debian Project Leader) to a position on its board of
directors as well as the Vice President position. At the unanimous
request of the board, I (Bruce Perens) will retain the position of
President of SPI for 1998. Our other directors are Ian Murdock (Founder
of Debian) and Tim Sailer (Treasurer).

While Ian Jackson will mainly concern himself with the Debian
development, I will handle external relations for Debian and will
manage SPI's other programs such as Open Hardware and our funding of
worthy free software projects. One special project I am working on is
a Global Strategy for Free Software, to increase our penetration into
commercial markets and education. I'll be submitting programs on this
topic to the major Linux conferences, and will be working with many of
you to implement it.

	Many Thanks

	Bruce Perens
	Software in the Public Interest

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