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Debian available pre-installed on new computers

Dear Debian Users,

We're happy to announce a computer manufacturer that supports Debian.
VA Research is offering Debian pre-installed at no extra charge on all
of the computer systems they sell: laptops, workstations, and file servers.
You can see the products at http://www.varesearch.com/ . VA has donated
a system and a high-bandwidth network connection to Debian. Here's some
information on a system on sale this month that includes a Debian donation.


	Bruce Perens

> We have a new system.  It's a VArStation 25 - a dual capable Pentium II
> system, available with either one or two 233, 266, or 300Mhz cpus.  It's an
> ide based system, and we're pricing the whole thing starting at $2200
> including a Matrox card, 64 megabytes of ram, and a SoundBlaster.
> There are a few upgrades...bigger disk, more ram, better graphics, etc.
> It's a good system because people can start with a single processor and
> some ram, and add a second processor and double their ram later.
> In order to help Debian, we are going to donate 2% of the price of any
> VArStation 25 system ordered in December with Debian pre-installed.
> It's web page is http://www.varesearch.com/products/vs25.html
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