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Re: nvidia 9800 GT with nouveau on wheezy


I can see nvidia-kernel-source in my debian unstable package list, though i have no 'src' line in sources.list. Probably because that package can not have a binary counterpart unless you used it :)

When i used this package (along nvidia-glx and module-assistant)  in the past, i just issued 'm-a a-i' (as root) on commandline; then, module-assistant asked to install the required kernel headers for the running kernel, then compiled the kernel specific driver, then installed it as debian package. [You might want to issue 'm-a nvidia clean' as first step.]

There was only one hazzle, it had to be repeated for any kernel upgrade. However that was not too frequent, and anyway, the procedure needs less than a minute.

I could run google earth with this driver, seamless, but this was on amd64 and the amd64 g.e. package got uninstallable there (and i assume it still is, though there is rumor some work under way) so i can't tell the actual status.

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