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Re: kde Desktop on wheezy - nvidiacard - production ready?

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 03:39:06AM +0100, Michael wrote:
> Hendrik,
> I see. Now that's another statement !
> Maybe you should move to grub then, within Squeeze, and also try to upgrade only the 'problem' packages first ? if that's all fine, to the rest ?

In one of my tries, one of the problem packages I was advised to remove 
was aptitude itself!

I didn't think that was a good idea.

Normally, when tracking testing, there are a few packages that can't be 
updated because of dependency problems.  But usually, the dependencies 
drift in from sid in a few days.  I had hundreds of such packages.  It 
told me that the upgrade path hadn't really been debigged yet, and that
my server might not be the best place to tinker with it.

That sais, I really do want the LVM mods that implement a proper 
write barrier.  Apparently that came in with the first kernel version 
after stable.  It is necessary for file systems to reliably remain 
consistent during power failures and the like.

I suppose I'll try again sometime when other things arenn't too 

> I always do such things within aptitude, maybe in several cycles, since it gives me more choices than just running --upgrade. Including the choice to simply deinstall some apps temporarily (keep a list) and reinstall when everything else is fine.

I normally use aptitude safe-upgrade on my testing systems, once every 
week or so.

> I admit this is not what you would expect from a package management that provides --upgrade, but at least, there is a chance. 

I do expect that these problems will be mostly sorted out by the time 
wheezy gets close to being stable.

> There should be good reason why you would upgrade an Ubuntu (for example) only in minor consecutive version steps. In Debian, this resembles tracking 'testing' all the time. The only alternative that i know, is temporarily deinstall blocking / broken things, and manually decide and process major changes (like moving to grub or upstart).

-- hendrik

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